Down Payment MoneyMattress Money?  With vigilant focus on the source of funds for closing your mortgage loan, it’s important to know what is acceptable.  Here is what you need to know and what you’ll need to provide:

Mattress Money or any “cash on hand” is not acceptable.  All funds must be “seasoned,” which means your money needs to be in an institutional account (bank, credit union, brokerage, etc.).  You will need to provide all pages of up to two months of consecutive statements for proof that these funds are yours.

Gift Funds are OK with a signed “gift letter” (a form we provide) and evidence of the donor’s ability (a statement showing sufficient funds).  Later, we’ll need copies of the check, deposit slip and account statement to show the trasfer into your account.

Assets Being Sold, such as a car, boat, collectible or anything of value you are selling, require proof of ownership (such as a registration or title)( and evidence of value (blue book value or appraisal).  After the sale, provide copies of the receipt and the check and deposit slip showing the transfer of funds to your account.

Other examples include loans from employers or against retirement savings, grants, inheritances, proceeds of sale from other property, loan paybacks and winnings.  Be prepared to show the source of funds, evidence of transfer into your account and any supporting documentation of value, terms, service provided, etc.

TIP:  If you have time and want to minimize paperwork, consolidate all funds into one account at least tow or three months prior to closing.  Save any and all evidence of transfers and deposits, and keep activity to a minimum.