Are The Four Steps of the Home Buying Process?

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There are many views in the minds of consumers that obtaining a mortgage loan is a complicated process.  You on this page because you are researching and learning all you can on the subject.  It isn’t possible to get a mortgage loan in one day with a simple application.  We fully intend on doing the majority of the heavy lifting for you, so you can spend your valuable time on what’s important; preparing to move into the home of your dreams or saving money on a refinance.

Let me introduce four important steps in getting a mortgage home loan.

The First Step:  How Much Home Can I Afford?

This involves a couple of things.  What monthly payment can you afford?  Just as each individual is unique, so it is with your credit and employment history as well as income and debt, and your goals.  How much will a lender loan you?  You will be able to get a good idea of your preferred payment amount using any mortgage calculator or we can guide you to the right answer with the best loan selection when you contact us and answer a few simple questions.

The Second Step:  Complete A Pre-Qualification

This is where the Tulsa Mortgage Guy at Scissortail Financial will begin to save you money!  You will provide us information on employment, assets, and residence history information.  We will then run your tri-merged credit score and report and go over it with you in detail to ensure accuracy.  We will go over the information with you and forward you a letter of  pre-qualification.  With this letter, your REALTOR® will negotiate the best deal possible for your new home and while you are shopping for this home, we are researching the best loan program selection for you.

The Third Step:  Apply For The Loan (Loan Application)

After you have made your offer and the sellers have accepted, you will begin the formal process of

Loan Application 1003.

Loan Application 1003.

applying for the loan.  This is a very simple process and couldn’t be easier.  You can apply right online on our website.  When the time is right, we will order an appraisal of your new home.

Step Four:  How The Loan Is Funded

We will use a title company to handle the “funding” and the loan closing.  We will work hand in hand to ensure all the papers the lender needs are in order and you will sign all these papers at their office.  We will handle all the work in advance of your closing date.  Since you do not have to worry about all of this, you can spend more time getting ready for your move. Up to now, you have answered a few important questions, provided a great deal of information, applied for the mortgage loan, and before you know it, you are closing on the loan and moving into your new home.

Do you have a question about the loan process?  Call Wayne Pope, the Tulsa Mortgage Guy at (918) 269-3621.  We answer questions every day and help you with the best loan program selection.